Using VoiceThread to get Feedback on a Paper

Students! If your instructor plans on giving feedback on you paper using the voice and video commenting features of VoiceThread, these quick steps will help you:

  1. Create a VoiceThread.
  2. Upload your paper.
  3. Share your paper with your instructor.


Step 1: Create a VoiceThread

  1. Find and click the Paper Review VoiceThread link in Blackboard.
  2. DO NOT click the Launch icon that appears. Wait for the link to launch automatically.
  3. At the top of the VT Home Screen, click Create.
showing the locations for step one.

Step 2: Upload Your Paper

  1. Click Add Media
  2. Click My Computer and select a document to upload.
  3. Name your Paper.
  4. Click Save.
showing locations for step two. Both Title box and Save button are on the Thread Settings page.

Step 3: Share Your Paper with Your Instructor

  1. Click Share.
  2. Find Your Course under the Groups tab and click the Members Arrow to open the list of class members.
  3. Click the name of Your Instructor.
  4. Make sure Your Instructor is allowed to Comment. The Comment Icon should be green.
  5. Click Share.


Now you’re done! Your instructor will inform you when he or she has made comments on your paper. To view, simply click the VoiceThread link and then click on the VoiceThread you created under the VT Home page.

showing the locations for step three. List numbers two through five all appear on the Share screen. Your instructor clickable appears after clicking your course.