Student Commenting

This guide for both students and instructors will outline the basics of interactive discussions through threaded commenting. Here are the steps:

  1. Create your photo identity.
  2. Start a comment thread.
  3. Choose a comment type.


This function requires that you have already created a VoiceThread. For instructions on how to do so, open the VoiceThread Quick Start Guide.

Create Your Photo Identity

To add a personal touch, add a photo identity to be associated with your comments. Open an existing VoiceThread, or create a new one, and then:

  1. Click Comment to open the first slide.
  2. Click your Name in the top right corner of the VoiceThread window.
  3. Hover over your identity and click Edit (Pencil).
  4. Click the Upload icon to upload a photo from your computer, or click the Camera to activate your camera and snap a shot.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Done.
showing locations for steps to create a photo identity.

Comment Threads

VoiceThread allows for individual comments as well discussion threads which enable both students and instructors to reply to previous comments. Once a VoiceThread is opened to the correct slide, you may comment by doing the following:

  1. To start a new comment, click the Comment Bubble at the bottom of the slide.
  2. To start a comment thread, click on the ID of the commentator on the left side of the screen and click the Branching icon.
  3. To reply on a comment thread, click the Reply arrow.
  4. Select the type of comment you would like to leave using the Comment Fan.
  5. To get the most out of VoiceThread, Video Commenting is recommended to create a personal, face-to-face-like discussion.
showing locations for comment threads. The Comment Bubble opens the Comment Fan.

Types of Comments

With the Comment Fan open, select one of the following to leave a comment. Note: For Voice and Video comments, a security prompt may appear. Click Allow.

  1. Text Comment – Type your comment into a textbox. Note: You may also use this function to paste a URL link.
  2. Phone Comment – Have VoiceThread call your phone to leave a voice comment. (Helpful when a computer microphone is unavailable.)
  3. Voice Comment – Use your computer microphone to record a comment.
  4. Video Comment – Use your computer microphone and camera to record a comment.
  5. Upload Comment – Upload an audio or video file to comment.
showing the locations of commenting options on the comment fan.

Get Help

Questions? Contact us at or visit the VoiceThread Official Help Site.