Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.

JumpStart Your Learning Community

With its easy-to-use interactive capabilities and integration with Blackboard, VoiceThread is a great learning tool for fostering connections between learners in an online or web-enhanced course.

In the following video, Ellen Foust, the eLIS team VoiceThread expert, will show you a few ways you can use VoiceThread to jump-start learning communities in your course with interactive welcome activities, narrated syllabi, and mini-lectures. See below for more information and resources for each example.

Narrated Syllabus

VoiceThread makes it possible to easily narrate slides and learning materials, including syllabi. By providing a narrated syllabus at the beginning of the semester, your course starts off on a more personal note. Your students are able to see and hear you and are given the opportunity to ask questions and make comments with their own voice and/or video.

View Ellen’s video to see how this works. Get step-by-step instructions for narrating your syllabus with VoiceThread.

Welcome Activities

Using VoiceThread for welcoming students at the beginning of the semester is a good way to make introductory activities more interactive and personable and take them a step further from the text-based discussion forums.

This creates an experience closer to meeting in person, a greater sense of community arises, and your course starts off on a more personal note.

View Ellen’s video for an idea of how this works. Get step-by step instructions to create welcome activities.

Mini Lectures

VoiceThread allows you to upload, narrate, and mark-up a variety of file formats (PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and more). This makes it really convenient to craft mini-lectures for your online course. VoiceThread helps you deliver content in a more captivating way, while increasing your online presence and helping you connect with students.

View Ellen’s video to learn more. Get step-by-step instructions to create mini lectures.