Group Projects with VoiceThread

With VoiceThread your students can work in groups to solve case studies, create presentations, craft digital stories, and more.

How Group Projects Work

One student initiates the VoiceThread and shares it with his or her group. Either the instructor or the group should nominate this student as the Group Leader. Then, only the group members may work on the VoiceThread (uploading slides and adding voice and video comments), until the Group Leader shares the VoiceThread with the rest of the class.

The steps to initiate a Group Project are:

  1. Ensure account activation.
  2. Create and configure a group project link using VoiceThread.
  3. Have students create their VoiceThreads. For instructions, click Student Group Project Guide.


Step 1: Ensure Account Activation

IMPORTANT: Students must activate their VoiceThread accounts to be able to access their project group. To be issued an account, they must click on a VoiceThread link before starting the group project. There are various ways this can be set up. The easiest way is for the instructor to create a VoiceThread link in an easily accessible content area in the course, well in advance of the group project, and have students click the link to have their accounts activated and get familiar with VoiceThread. Creating a Welcome Activity in VoiceThread at the beginning of the semester is a good way to help students activate their accounts, become familiar with the tool, and participate in the course.

Step 2: Create and Configure a Group Project with VoiceThread

First, select the Content Area in which you would like the Group Project to appear. For example, Assignments. Then:

  1. Hover over Build Content.
  2. Click UMB VoiceThread.
  3. On the Create UMB VoiceThread screen, name your link. Note: A good practice is to outline the groups and Group Leaders in the Description Text Box. The groups will serve as a reminder under the VoiceThread link.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Find and click on your VoiceThread in the content area menu.
  6. DO NOT click the Launch Icon that appears. Wait for the link to launch automatically.
  7. On the VoiceThread setup screen click Course View.

This configures your link. You may return to your blackboard course by clicking the Home Icon  in the top left corner of the screen.

showing the locations for step two. UMB VoiceThread is under the Build Content menu. Name and Submit are on the Create UMB VoiceThread page.

Step 3: Have Students Create their Group Projects with VoiceThread

Now the students take over. For complete instructions, click Group Project Student Guide.

Get Help

If you get stuck or have questions, and can’t find answers at the VoiceThread Official Help Site, please contact us at