Closed Captioning with VoiceThread

UMass Boston has partnered with 3Play Media to auto caption VoiceThreads. This service is turned off by default and is turned on on a user-by-user basis. Contractually, the turnaround time is two business days. If you need a shorter turnaround, please write to

Creating Captions

  1. Write to to request that the captioning feature be turned on for your VoiceThread account. If captioning is not turned on at the account level, you will not see the transcription service listed (Step 3).
  2. Whenever you make a comment in VoiceThread or upload a media slide, click CC.
  3. Click the arrow icon under Use a Transcription Service. The slide or comment will be captioned automatically by 3Play Media. While the caption file is processing, you’ll see a clock icon next to the name of the caption service. When the captioning is complete, the click icon will turn to a check mark and you will receive an email notification.
showing locations for closed captioning steps

Viewing Captions

Captions will always be displayed when you are viewing a VoiceThread slide using the VoiceThread Universal version. If you’re viewing the slide from the standard VoiceThread site, turn on closed captioning by clicking on the CC button in the top-right corner of the screen and select On.