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Tools & Practices for Teaching & Learning

Learners studying 3d objects at the maker space

UMB MakerSpace: Design, Create, Collaborate

UMass Boston’s MakerSpace provides a hands-on learning environment where faculty and students can practice the process of Design Thinking from ideation to testing.

Group of students completing school work together at a round table outdoors

Flip the Classroom, Engage Learners

With a flipped class, students absorb the content on their own time. Class time is spent interacting with one another and applying the concepts, either in question and answer formats or small group activities.

Game-Based Teaching

Game-based teaching relies on basic principles of games to design learning. Students are led on a path to discovery — presented with challenges that allow them to build on previous experience and learn from mistakes to gain new knowledge. With game-based learning, students are actively immersed in the curriculum, just like they would be in a game.